2017 Teacher Tributes

The family of Brattin Miller honors Toni Sulmers

The conversation with my son went something like this: Mom: If we get you extra help to keep math fresh during the summer, which teacher do you want? Brattin: Ms. Sulmers. Mom: If she’s not available, who, of all your teachers, would be your second choice? Brattin: [After thinking for a while] Teacher X. Mom: Hmm. I didn’t realize you had any classes with Teacher X. B: I’ve never been in a class with Teacher X. If I can’t have Ms. Sulmers then I’d rather try someone new, because no math teacher I’ve had has been as good as Ms. Sulmers.

The Pomfret family honors Kathryn Funk

Thank you Ms. Funk for an amazing year at Winnona Park.  As we sat down on the eve of the last day of school, Jake could only say he wasn’t ready for it to end…because of not seeing you every day.  Thank you for being so patient and kind.  Have an amazing summer!

The Pomfret family honors Alexis Welch and Team!

Words are not going to be enough…Thank you for helping us through a big transition this year with moving Maya to middle school.  You made it seem so easy and seamless.  Maya’s progress over the past few years has been just amazing. Your patience, support, kindness, and unconditional love will never be forgotten.  Maya will truly miss you.  Happy summer and adventures ahead.

The Kertscher family honors Anita O’Brien and Laura Gary

The Kertscher family would like to thank Laura Gary, Anita O’Brien and all the Green team for a great year of thoughtful teaching, learning and encouragement. We really appreciate you and all you do. Have a great summer, you’ve earned it!

The Brock family honors the staff at RMS and DHS

Thanks for another great year!

The family of Connor Drohobyczer honors Ms. Farley

Connor Drohobyczer would like to thank Ms. Farley for her great teaching this year and her kind spirit.

The Walsh family honors Elise Eskew Sparks

Thank you for making chorus feel like a second home and allowing me to express myself. Chorus always lifts my spirits and I can’t wait for 3 more years of it!

School: DHS

The Walsh family honors Ayoka Shakir

Thank you for making lit a class I look forward to each day!

School: DHS

The Walsh family honors Henry Tsay

Thank you for making physics a class I enjoy and pushing me to do my best!

School: DHS

The family of Maggie Baca honors Greg Wiseman

We’ve had an amazing 4 years at Winnona Park and are grateful for incredible teachers, administrators, and a wonderfully loving, supportive, positive learning environment.

School: Winnona Park

The family of Troy Weathersby III honors Lauren Parks, Kim Gordon, Zenash Woldegiorgis, Melissa McArthur, Elizabeth Nicholson

The parents of Troy Weathersby would like to thank these awesome Kindergarten teachers and staff at Winnona Park: Ms. Parks, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Zenash, Ms. McArthur, and Ms. Nicholson.  You have all played a huge part in Troy’s growth and development this year and we are so thankful for your unconditional love and support of Troy.  He has learned and grown so much this year because of you!

School: Winnona Park

The family of Asa Bailey honors Eddie Johnson

School: F.AVE

The family of Asa Bailey honors Rodney Thomas

School: F.AVE

The family of Benji Bailey honors John Schellenberg

School: RMS

The family of Benji Bailey honors Jessica Sturm

School: RMS

The family of Lola Conduah honors Kim Houston

School: Winnona Park