Our community, our kids. Together we make a difference.

Say ‘yes’ to our year-end campaign! When you say YES to our year-end campaign, you say YES to #OurKids! Your contributions help us remove obstacles that impede learning, support teachers in creating meaningful classroom experiences, and provide opportunities that help Decatur youth reach their full potential. Donate HERE.
Become a Mentor
There are many ways to give back to your community through DEF.  Volunteering as a mentor can be an incredibly meaningful way to connect with a Decatur student and establish a relationship with a lasting impact. For more information about becoming a mentor in one of our three programs, click HERE.
2016-2017 Impact Report
DEF works through the year to make a difference in the lives of Decatur’s youth. Our Impact Report highlights our work in and beyond the classroom and in the community, from special programming and field trips, to college mentoring and assistance for students in need. To read the full report, click HERE.
  • Teacher Innovation

    “Decatur Education Foundation supports special projects that make our schools stand apart from the rest. They allow teachers to imagine and implement innovative and creative projects that inspire students. Teachers who have access to resources are more likely to ask, ‘what is possible?’ Thanks to the DEF, our teachers don’t ask ‘whether’ but ‘how.'”

    — Kristen Karably
  • The Power of Partnerships

    DEF touches the lives of many Decatur Housing Authority (DHA) children through the Computer Lab supplied by DEF and its partners, the DEF scholarships provided to high school graduates, and the Opportunity Partnership that opens doors for DHA youth to help them achieve their dreams.  We greatly value our working partnership with DEF, and appreciate how DEF empowers success within DHA youth while respecting the vision of each student.

    — Doug Faust, Executive Director Decatur Housing Authority
  • Local Business Supports Education Initiatives

    Pure Barre Decatur is passionate about education and giving back to the youth in our community. Our Pure Barre family includes strong women who are teachers, mothers and grandmothers. We love to fund-raise for DEF, and we wholeheartedly support DEF’s mission to make local education the best it can be. Thank you for all that you do in our community!

    — Ashley Goot Koester, Owner of Pure Barre Decatur
  • The Best of DHS

    The Decatur Education Foundation scholarships are a wonderful—and needed—addition to our school. Students and faculty look at them as a sign of honor and recognition and value them greatly. Even more, they provide much needed assistance to our students, giving them college/career access and support as they use the preparation they received at City Schools of Decatur. Finally, a most important quality is that the DEF scholarship recipients have reflected the unique and special diversity of Decatur. The scholarship is a symbol of the best that is Decatur High School.

    — Ken Jackson, Ph.D., LPC, CPCS, NCC
    Professional School Counselor, Decatur High School
  • Support for Small and Big Initiatives

    “DEF’s magic recipe is that it supports small things that make a big difference as well as larger strategic initiatives. Whether it’s the pair of glasses for a girl who needs them to read, a grant to ensure that all kids can take advantage of enriching summer adventures or funding big collaborations in the arts, technology and sciences, DEF is there with ideas, support and funding.”

    — Margaret Master
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