Our community, our kids. Together we make a difference.

When you support DEF, you Say YES to Teachers Twice every school year, DEF awards Teacher Innovation Grants to help our teachers create meaningful classroom experiences and engage our students in innovative ways. To see some of the cool things currently happening in our classrooms, click HERE.
Become a Mentor
There are many ways to give back to your community through DEF.  Volunteering as a mentor can be an incredibly meaningful way to connect with a Decatur student and establish a relationship with a lasting impact. For more information about becoming a mentor in one of our three programs, click HERE.
RuN For a Great Cause!
Every year, our community comes together in the name of health and fitness to run the Tour deCatur 5K, one-mile fun run, and Tot Trot. Your participation helps DEF continue its grants, scholarships and mentoring programs that help every Decatur kid reach their full potential. Click HERE to register the whole family in this community event.
  • An Investment in Our Community

    The biggest reason we support the DEF is that it is an investment in our community. We have chosen for our kids to attend our local public schools because we believe our kids are getting an excellent education while also experiencing true diversity. When we donate our time or money to DEF causes, we know it is being used for something tangible that will truly help a student succeed in life.

    — Molly Marrah, Decatur parent
  • Local Business Supports Education Initiatives

    Pure Barre Decatur is passionate about education and giving back to the youth in our community. Our Pure Barre family includes strong women who are teachers, mothers and grandmothers. We love to fund-raise for DEF, and we wholeheartedly support DEF’s mission to make local education the best it can be. Thank you for all that you do in our community!

    — Ashley Goot Koester, Owner of Pure Barre Decatur
  • Student Assistance

    “The specific needs associated with transitional (homeless) students and other students in need are multidimensional and can have a profound effect on the areas of their physical health, psychological development, and academic achievement. School systems alone do not have the ability to address all the issues faced by at-risk students and their families. DEF responds to CSD requests for student assistance and provides generous financial support. As a result, the multiple needs of students and their families continue to be met, bringing them closer to attaining stability and academic success!”

    — Robbin Dickerson, Family Support Specialist,
    CSD McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison
  • Support for Small and Big Initiatives

    “DEF’s magic recipe is that it supports small things that make a big difference as well as larger strategic initiatives. Whether it’s the pair of glasses for a girl who needs them to read, a grant to ensure that all kids can take advantage of enriching summer adventures or funding big collaborations in the arts, technology and sciences, DEF is there with ideas, support and funding.”

    — Margaret Master
  • Teach by Example

    “I give in part to be an example. I hope others will give also because through DEF, I can “give” awards and scholarships to students and colleagues that I could never provide on my own.”

    — Cara Cassell, Decatur High School English teacher
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