Our community, our kids. Together we make a difference.

We NEED BOOKS!  We are currently collecting gently used children’s books for our Reader to Reader Book Sale at the Decatur Book Festival on Labor Day weekend. Proceeds from the sale benefit several literacy programs in Decatur that touch readers at every grade level. Email info@decatureducationfoundation.org to schedule a drop-off time.
Become a Mentor
There are many ways to give back to your community through DEF.  Volunteering as a mentor can be an incredibly meaningful way to connect with a Decatur student and establish a relationship that can have a lasting impact. For more information about becoming a mentor in one of our three mentoring programs, click HERE.
Donations = ImPACT
Decatur Education Foundation’s mission is to harness community resources to provide educational and enrichment opportunities for all Decatur youth. To see the many ways in which we have an impact on Decatur kids, click HERE. To learn more about how you can help, click here for donating info, or here for volunteering info. Together, we make a difference for #OurKids.
  • Teacher Innovation

    “Decatur Education Foundation supports special projects that make our schools stand apart from the rest. They allow teachers to imagine and implement innovative and creative projects that inspire students. Teachers who have access to resources are more likely to ask, ‘what is possible?’ Thanks to the DEF, our teachers don’t ask ‘whether’ but ‘how.'”

    — Kristen Karably
  • Why we STEP UP for teachers

    I don’t want to miss any opportunity to publicly thank our teachers for their amazing work. DEF is an important support system for our city schools, and I am glad to help their efforts by participating every year in the STEP UP for teachers campaign.

    — Laura Willard, CSD parent
  • Local Business Supports Education Initiatives

    Pure Barre Decatur is passionate about education and giving back to the youth in our community. Our Pure Barre family includes strong women who are teachers, mothers and grandmothers. We love to fund-raise for DEF, and we wholeheartedly support DEF’s mission to make local education the best it can be. Thank you for all that you do in our community!

    — Ashley Goot Koester, Owner of Pure Barre Decatur
  • An Investment in Our Community

    The biggest reason we support the DEF is that it is an investment in our community. We have chosen for our kids to attend our local public schools because we believe our kids are getting an excellent education while also experiencing true diversity. When we donate our time or money to DEF causes, we know it is being used for something tangible that will truly help a student succeed in life.

    — Molly Marrah, Decatur parent
  • Teach by Example

    “I give in part to be an example. I hope others will give also because through DEF, I can “give” awards and scholarships to students and colleagues that I could never provide on my own.”

    — Cara Cassell, Decatur High School English teacher
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