Our community, our kids. Together we make a difference.

Join Us in October! For more than a dozen years, local Decatur residents have come together in the fall for fellowship, fundraising, and food. We hope you’ll join us for Supper & Sips (formerly Boil & Brew), a festive evening of Southern food, tasty beverages, fun games and a lively auction. For details and to purchase tickets, click here.
Become a Mentor
There are many ways to give back to your community through DEF.  Volunteering as a mentor can be an incredibly meaningful way to connect with a Decatur student and establish a relationship that can have a lasting impact. For more information about becoming a mentor in one of our three mentoring programs, click HERE.
Donations = ImPACT
Decatur Education Foundation’s mission is to harness community resources to provide educational and enrichment opportunities for all Decatur youth. To see the many ways in which we have an impact on Decatur kids, click HERE. To learn more about how you can help, click here for donating info, or here for volunteering info. Together, we make a difference for #OurKids.
  • An Investment in Our Community

    The biggest reason we support the DEF is that it is an investment in our community. We have chosen for our kids to attend our local public schools because we believe our kids are getting an excellent education while also experiencing true diversity. When we donate our time or money to DEF causes, we know it is being used for something tangible that will truly help a student succeed in life.

    — Molly Marrah, Decatur parent
  • The Power of Partnerships

    DEF touches the lives of many Decatur Housing Authority (DHA) children through the Computer Lab supplied by DEF and its partners, the DEF scholarships provided to high school graduates, and the Opportunity Partnership that opens doors for DHA youth to help them achieve their dreams.  We greatly value our working partnership with DEF, and appreciate how DEF empowers success within DHA youth while respecting the vision of each student.

    — Doug Faust, Executive Director Decatur Housing Authority
  • Teach by Example

    “I give in part to be an example. I hope others will give also because through DEF, I can “give” awards and scholarships to students and colleagues that I could never provide on my own.”

    — Cara Cassell, Decatur High School English teacher
  • Why we STEP UP for teachers

    I don’t want to miss any opportunity to publicly thank our teachers for their amazing work. DEF is an important support system for our city schools, and I am glad to help their efforts by participating every year in the STEP UP for teachers campaign.

    — Laura Willard, CSD parent
  • The Best of DHS

    The Decatur Education Foundation scholarships are a wonderful—and needed—addition to our school. Students and faculty look at them as a sign of honor and recognition and value them greatly. Even more, they provide much needed assistance to our students, giving them college/career access and support as they use the preparation they received at City Schools of Decatur. Finally, a most important quality is that the DEF scholarship recipients have reflected the unique and special diversity of Decatur. The scholarship is a symbol of the best that is Decatur High School.

    — Ken Jackson, Ph.D., LPC, CPCS, NCC
    Professional School Counselor, Decatur High School
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