College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center

Fall 2017

$750 was awarded to Angela Gabriel to purchase rain gear for her students to keep them active during inclement weather.

Clairemont Elementary School

Fall 2017

$750 was awarded to Alyson Barrera to fund a third grade bi-lingual theatrical production.

$900 was awarded to Jordan Reed to purchase sensory tools for students with severe disabilities.

$1,470 was awarded to Jillian Farley to expand the classroom’s book collection on social justice.

$913 was awarded to Tara Kramer for alternative seating in her second-grade class.

$330 was awarded to Laurie Kezh to outfit a sensory-based classroom.

Glennwood Elementary School

Fall 2017

$500 was awarded to Amelia Copp to purchase Zearn, a digital math program, and the appropriate training.

$1,500 was awarded to Dianna Watson to purchase supplies for Education Literacy Labs.

$1,487 was awarded to Heather Thaker to purchase materials for students with speech and language disorders.

Oakhurst Elementary School

Fall 2017

 $750 was awarded to Alexandra Ferretti to publish students’ storybooks for third-grade students.

Westchester Elementary School

Fall 2017

$467 was awarded to Stacey Foster to purchase Catchbox, an audio enhancement system to encourage soft spoken students.

$600 was awarded to Desiree Cabrices to set up a classroom kitchen.

$1,035 was awarded to Rhonda Bowden to purchase a Read Live Reading Lab.

$1,500 was awarded to Justin Stubbs to purchase a hydration station to encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

$500 was awarded to Wayne Cordy to fund Movement through Space Program.

$1,500 was awarded to Nadine Howarth to fund consulting fees and materials for visual artist Jeff Mathers in preparation of the third-grade expedition.

$1,500 was awarded to Stacey Foster to fund consulting fees and materials for performing artist Ericka Shannon in preparation of the Celebration of Learning Community Day.

Winnona Park Elementary School

Fall 2017

$1,012 was awarded to Cindy Clark to purchase a music notation board for the classroom.

4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue

Fall 2017

$537 was awarded to Kimberly Jeffery for the F.AVE Five Crew Hands-on Experiences to promote functional independence.

$500 was awarded to Jonah Goode to purchase a Mevo camera to share learning in the classroom.

$270 was awarded to Angelina Prophet to purchase a copy of “I Am Malala” for every student in her class.

$600 was awarded to Juliana Souki to create a portable Spanish language lab.

$800 was awarded to Beth Soons to purchase alternative seating for differentiated learning.

Renfroe Middle School

Fall 2017

$300 was awarded to LaVerne Ware to purchase materials to support an RMS Boys Group.

$240 was awarded to Chris Kanne to fund transportation and to purchase embroidery floss to develop a “Friends with Veterans” program.

$400 was awarded to Dawn Bolton to purchase books for struggling readers in the Boys’ Book Club.

$750 was awarded to David Hirschorn to cover the costs of master piano accompanist to accompany the choir in rehearsals and performances, and for a choral movement expert to assist in teaching.

$275 was awarded to Dana Jackson to pay for bouncy bands to help improve focus in the classroom.

$867 was awarded to Dawn Bolton to purchase four standing desks for active students.

Decatur High School

Fall 2017

$809 was awarded to David Custer to purchase six Sphero SPRK+ robots to help teach students coding in the AP Computer Science class and after-school Coding Club.

$750 was awarded to Rachel Seasholtz to fund Math Team competitions and to cover the cost of materials and speakers  to visit the Math Club.

$335 was awarded to Cherith Johnson to purchase a document camera to improve instructional strategies and to model skills such as note taking.

$1,431 was awarded to Kevin Champion to provide AMDM (Advanced Mathematical Decision Making) project-based learning materials for a series of long-term, hands-on projects.

$999 was awarded to Sean DeWeese to purchase a vacuum pump for Chemistry and Physics experiments.

$1,150 was awarded to Dalhya Lusk to purchase a water distiller and an electrolysis demonstration apparatus for experiments.

$1,500 was awarded to Elise Eskew Sparks to expand the DHS choral music library to include music for the men’s chorus group.

$1,500 was awarded to Cheryl Nahmias to purchase a bass clarinet for the DHS band.

$1,000 was awarded to Ben Knaebel to fund the attendance of two counselors of the Stressed Teens Certificate Program.