Volunteering as a mentor is an incredibly meaningful way to connect with a Decatur student and establish a relationship that can have great impact.  DEF is excited to share three mentoring opportunities with our community of supporters.  Please review the information below, read the FAQs and let us know if you are interested by completing the interest form below.

Opportunity Partnership
The Opportunity Partnership is a mentoring program that pairs third graders from the Decatur Housing Authority community with adult volunteers.  The goal of the program is to close the opportunity gap which results in some students having fewer opportunities during their formative years. Mentors will help connect their students connect with educational and enrichment opportunities so they can explore their interests, find their passions, and develop useful life skills.  As a volunteer mentor, you will serve as a matchmaker between your student and the vast opportunities that exist in our community and beyond.

Opportunity Partnership FAQs

REACH Georgia Program
Each year, three students from Renfroe Middle School are chosen to participate in the REACH Georgia program which was founded in 2012 by the Georgia Student Finance Commission to provide guidance and support to economically disadvantaged students who demonstrate true academic promise. DEF serves as the funding partner for the program and oversees the mentoring component which matches local community volunteers with each student. When REACH scholars successfully complete the program, they are eligible to receive a $10,000 scholarship to attend college in Georgia. With some colleges double-matching, the award can be as high as $30,000!

REACH Georgia FAQs

Partnership for Career Achievement
The Partnership for Career Achievement (PCA) is a joint effort between DEF and Decatur High School to help students who are interested in vocational/trade programs to gain the training necessary to provide them with solid job prospects. The program pairs each student with a community advocate who will help the student navigate through their senior year and subsequent training programs.  Seniors who successfully complete the program requirements will be eligible for scholarship awards to cover the cost of their chosen training program as well as associated costs.

Partnership for Career Achievement FAQs

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