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Throughout the year, every student in Decatur’s schools is helped in some way by the Decatur Education Foundation. And many students are helped in significant ways — participating in a new kind of learning experience, for example, or receiving a college scholarship.

Read our Impact Report for 2013-2014.

Download our Impact Report for 2013-2014 here.

You can see the Foundation’s impact in the obstacles that are removed from the path of learning. A pair of eyeglasses breaks, and they are replaced. A student lacks resources to join a civics class tour of DC — but gets to make the trip. A third grader with cerebral palsy outgrows her walker, and insurance doesn’t cover a replacement for another year. DEF buys the walker, and the student retains her mobility.

The Foundation is Decatur’s way of helping children and youth surmount these obstacles.

You can also see DEF’s impact in added experiences that fuel personal achievement. As with the middle schoolers who got the chance to compete in a robotics tournament. The fifth graders who learned to play music on unusual instrument recorders. The high school students who will soon have new creative learning space.

And the kindergartners who produced TV commercials extolling the benefits of vegetables.

All of this impact is an outcome from the Foundation’s work to help children and youth realize their potential. For our community and our world, nothing is more important.

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